Do you need to take a firearms requalification test? Requalification is needed by people who are in enforcement, security, and many other lines of work. If it is time to take the test so you may continue forward with your job, it is important that you keep a few important pieces of information in mind. With this information in mind, it is easy, quick and hassle-free to qualify for your firearms certification.  Read some of the most important information to remember about your requalification test.

There is a Fee

When you head to take the requalification test, prepare to pay the fees. You are guaranteed a spot to take the test only when the fee is paid. The fee amount is subject to change, but is currently $85. This fee is due at the time of the testing.

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Come Prepared

When attending the requalification test, be sure to come prepared. Most students bring their firearm, their holster, gun belt, and three rounds of ammunition. You might want to bring these items with you.

State Compliance

When it is time to take firearms requalification columbus oh, it is essential to choose a company that adheres to the Ohio Revised Code 4749.10 (A)(4). This revised code provides information that must be followed for the testing to be conducted the proper way.

Rental Packages Available

For $20, you may rent the items that you need for the testing if you choose not to bring them with you. Some people complain about discomfort when using items that are not their own but it is nice to know the option to rent is available.

No Refunds

You cannot get a refund of the money paid to take the test for any reason. Additionally, anyone who arrives more than 15-minutes late to take the test forfeits both their seat and their fee.