Choosing the right clothing to wear on family portrait day can be a challenge for any family who wants to capture the moments in time with great photographs. But, with a few tips in mind, choosing the portrait day clothing that you’ll wear is much simpler. Use the tips below to your advantage on portrait day.

Tip One: Coordinate, Don’t Match

Do not make the mistake of matching the clothing of everyone in the family when simply coordinating colors is best. When you coordinate colors, each person in the picture highlights the next and you all mesh well together.

Tip Two: Accessories Matter

Every outfit is enhanced with accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, and rings, but make sure you do not overdo it. Nothing is more important than having all eyes on you, not the accessories that you’re wearing.

Tip Three: Plan Ahead

Do not wait until the last minute to choose the clothing that you’ll wear for family portrait work charlotte nc. The moment that you schedule that portrait session, also start choosing the ensembles that each person in the family is going to wear.

Tip Four: Avoid All Black/ All White

These two primary colors are not best for photos, at least when you don’t add any other color. All-white is too bright on the eyes while an all black ensemble is dark and gloomy, not the image that you want to portray in a family picture.

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Tip Five: Consider the Background

Many portrait studios let you choose backgrounds ahead of the portrait session. If this is possible, choose ahead of time because it makes choosing the clothing that you’ll wear so much easier. Make sure the clothing that you wear does not clash with the backgrounds that you choose for the photo session!