For most home and business owners, pest control has become a way of life. Whether you are forced to do this several times a year or are fortunate enough to get away with no more than one sweep a year, you are always going to need to rely on a pest control technician to come around and do a full-on fumigation of your premises. The pest control technician is back again a few months later. Why? Because they are back.

organic mosquito control

There is just no getting rid of these insect species pests. The problem is this. Insects of all species are highly adaptable creatures. And so far so good for them. The most noxious fumes do not bother them. The most poisonous concoctions do not trouble them either. In fact, they rather look forward to it, by now treating it as their dessert. Because that is just the thing. No matter how much is laid down, insects in their millions are eating the poison!

For breakfast, lunch and supper. In fact, all bloody day long. And then the great breakthrough came. Somewhere within what is still left of the Amazon green belts, lies a plant with such a formidable buffer that not only drives away invading insects, it kills them dead within moments of making contact. Which is why today many pest control experts are applying their minds to formulas derived from this indigenous plant species to carry out their now organic cockroach, organic termite and organic mosquito control exercises a lot more effectively than any previously conventional treatments could have done.

And that’s just the thing about organic pest control measures these days. They are not poisonous to human and animal touch, and they leave behind no unpleasant smells either.